Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Patellar, Your Patellar? We'll find out in 13 weeks.

Ugh, so Garmin is down and I can't upload my race results.  Awesome, Garmin.  

My knee was super while the race took place, we cooled down and while walking to the car, it starting acting out.  Stupid knee.  Well, stupid me.  I found a great article full of useful information at, and I realize now (again, for the third or fourth time this week) that I overtrained, that I didn't "watch it" or let it rest... yes, yes, I know.  It's my fault.  Question is, how do I fix it?

Well, the article is thorough.  It is exactly what I've been researching for the past 6-7 days.  I've found great inspirational blogs about injuries but nothing about what to do about them.  Sure, there are great "you should've been doing this stretch" topics, but I already fucked it up, ok?  Give me something to do.

This article does.  It goes into detail about a 13-week long (if you do the max recommended weeks per phase) "Anti-knee Tendonitis Program."  I can follow programs (except the one that I didn't while I got injured)!  So, today was day one.  I'm ready to stop running (yes) and start to prepare my knee for real training.  I mean, go big or go home.  Right?  Damn, right.

Phase I is a set of basic steps every new runner (athlete) should follow before doing anything else.  The one thing all articles have agreed on, is that runners get injured because we just don't know.  There are a million things that go on while running, any one of them done over a period of time will take you out.  We are naive and wishful about the wind on our faces, the crunch of gravel under our feet, the better legs... We are all guilty.

The only thing I need to get is a stretchy band that I was hoping to buy anyway, I can find it at a discount store with a little looking around.  I'm really excited about this injury now.  There are a bunch of butt exercises (!) and inner thighs touch ups.  It'll be a good 13 weeks, I say.

Food was all over the place today because we are out of food.  My husband did a quick run to the store to get what the kids needed to survive for another day (diapers, wipes, juice, milk) but my job was to cook a meal for two with frozen meat and a box of salad.  Done and doner.

 I'm not posting pictures today, the Gummy Bear is crying like there's no tomorrow.

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