Thursday, April 25, 2013

A run with a dog.

I finally took my dog out with me to run my Day 4, Week 1 easy run.  Just 30 minutes, it was... different.   She has never run with me but she's a great sprinter.  A mini pin, to be exact.  She was afraid of incoming cars, street sewers, other dogs, and moving objects.  She got over it once we hit the 10 minute mark and she realized we had no energy to be paying attention to pointless objects.  It was on!

At the very end, while I was stretching and she was tied to a branch, two dogs came at us.  They had collars and looked taken care of but either way, she protected us!  I had to pull her back and throw water at one of the dogs who wanted to play/smell us.  He ended up peeing on the tree she was tied to once we left.  I told her she was insane but she looked pretty pleased.  I was, too.  At least by the time we got home.  She's not afraid of EVERYTHING!  She's a brave little pup.

Here's a snippet of this week's and next's calendar:

Training is on!

Monday, April 22, 2013

It all ended with the fajitas.

Oh, and the margaritas.  The delicious Margaritas.  I had too many, to the point that I woke up with a headache.  That hasn't happened since college.  Eh, then yesterday, there were fajitas and cupcakes.  Actually, the cupcake was amazing but I ended up only having one since my daughter and son LOVED the icing.  The scale showed a 4 lb gain but hey, margaritas!!

I'll weigh in again b/c well, I have to.  LOL.  I'm going for a run tomorrow.  The whole half marathon schedule isn't working out so much... in that, I just haven't started it.  I'm going for an early run (for reals this time!!) so I can go to the doctor with my sister.  I'm driving and she's promised coffee.

I'm happy to spend time with her.

I rode 5 mi on the indoor bike and have another 15 minutes of cross training left for today.  I'll probably end up doing a 10 min weight session.  Ugh, weights...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

BEAUTIFUL weather!

It's around 68* right now and there's nothing better than relaxing on the swing after a good run and a good bike ride.  Indoor bike ride, but still good!  I covered a total of 7+ miles altogether, burned around 320 calories!  I'll take it.

Today's run went well, it was hard to keep my heart rate under control, I guess I've lost that since I haven't run in a long while.  No matter, I'll get it back.  I ran around my new neighborhood and since it doesn't have sidewalks, I kept my headphones off.  It was such a beautiful day, it's hard to imagine that so many bad events have taken place this week.  How many lives have been lost, families broken up.  It's so saddening to think no one can prepare themselves for that type of pain.  I just keep hugging/kissing my bears until they push me away.

I'm blessed to be surrounded by so many good people.  I pray for e/one every chance I get...

Week of WW+ is about to end tomorrow and I think it's getting easier.  I'm not counting fruits in my smoothies since I only have two servings of fruits a day.  I'll count once I stop losing weight.  I've lost 2 more lbs this week!  So... that only leaves another 20.  LOL.  I don't want to lose that much but I just want to see the type of work it would take to be that good of in shape.  I'd have to lose 25+ pounds!  And that's not including the ones I've lost so far.  Gee.

I think I'll have to reschedule my runs to mid-afternoon or at around 10:30-11 a.m. since that's when my husband can watch the kiddos.  I'll have to b/c they can't happen at 5:30 a.m. right now.  That seems insane and completely unbearable.  Ugh, it's an ungodly hour.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting ready for a run!

Tomorrow, 5:15 a.m.  It'll be my first since we moved into the new house and I'm excited.  I'm really sleepy so I'm hoping it means I can go to sleep early.  Here's to hoping!!

3/4 done with goal!

Another 9 miles in the same time, a little slower this time.  I wasn't sore today but I did feel sluggish.  Oh, and hungrier.  I think the hunger was just me and anxiety.  It's not completely gone but it's so much easier to control.  I need a shower BADLY.  I need to go to sleep before my husband gets home or I'll stay awake with him and miss tomorrow's run.  

Half-marathon training has officially begun!  First easy 30 min run tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another day, another 9 awesome miles!

On the indoor bike, but still, 9 miles!!!  That's the farthest I've ridden on it since my dad gave it to me.  I remember when I picked it up and had to convince my Honey Bear I'd use it even though it took up 1/5 of our old room.  Now it's in my sewing room next to my yoga mat, weights, bands and in front of the TV.  I've made a goal on my Garmin site to ride 4 times this week.  That seems like a lot to me!

Not that it is impossible, but with two little kids, it feels like days are completely unbalanced.  It's either "they were REALLY good (freaky in how well they behaved)" or "OMG, let's burn my uterus!!"  That unbalanced.  Today was ok, my sister, adorable new nephew, and my mini-me nephew came over.  My mom arrived later with cookies and cooked black beans.  I cooked for my sister and nephew and made myself a green smoothie while they ate their own meal.  My little nephew asked me if I was going to drink it. He said it was green.  What does he know.

It was tasty and included 4 servings of veggies/fruits.  I used up my last banana so I may have to get more at the store.  I also cooked pork, which is rare at this house, and ate up the last of the spicy turkey meat/veggies thing I cooked a while ago.  I have a bunch frozen and labeled by points.  Awesome.

This is week two on P+ and I'm doing alright.  I earned 4 APs on the bike, which isn't bad seeing that I really wanted to stop at the 18 minute mark.  I did over 30!

Goal: 50% completed!

Such a sad, sad day.

The reports came via text, and so did the warnings about ever participating in any more races. I doubt I'd ever make it to Boston, but I'm praying for all of those who did this year. My heart stopped when I read he first google results to "Boston and bomb". I just can't understand the lack of love one may have experienced to have the courage to do this anywhere, anytime. There are so many things a runner gives up in order to feel the wind on your face, your heart in your ears and God in your mind... You just never think you'll have to give up your life to experience a run.

I have no words to describe how tight my heart feels. The fear, the pain, sorrow and disbelief combined in my heart and mind. I don't know how anyone can live with he knowledge of causing so much pain.

I have prayed and wondered, but I remain ignorant. I kissed and hugged my loved ones extra tight tonight. I cried while reading the articles, I feel my heart is extra heavy today.

Pure disbelief.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Guess who's back, back again...

It seems I only get on Blogger when things go crazy, but I guess that's my life with two little kids.  They're huge and becoming teenagers.  It's cra-cra.

I biked today while watching Spongebob.  What can I say, I love that yellow guy.  I also did regular housework but not as much since I felt like a tired ol'ady.  I start my half marathon training schedule (AGAIN) this Wednesday and am planning to making the 5 a.m. Bagel Run I have missed since I first learned about it.

I have to get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather.  I can't be kept inside!