Here are some of my favorite(st) blogs.  They're my morning motivation:

  • Ben Does Life: this man is a movement on his own.  Motivational speaker, Ironman, writer, funny man.  He has started an online/real life movement, free races and visits around the nation.  Check out his site, he may be coming to your city!  
  • Green Lite Bites: this is the first recipe blog I ever subscribed to, and whose recipes I turn to even now that I've "learned" to cook.  She's a former Weight Watcher, marathoner, cute mom, and motivational person among many other awesome qualities.  Try her recipes, they're a great way to get started in the kitchen (they're very easy recipes and tasty!).
  • Run Eat Repeat: her name is Monica and she loves watermelon.  She's a personal trainer, writer, marathoner, and a funny (funny) lady.  Her daily blogs remind me that you can always fit a run in your day, no matter how great/awful you feel.  It is because of her that I make my egg in the microwave e/morning (and so does my dad!).

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