Friday, July 6, 2012


I made it to BodyPump, I wanted to celebrate that seeing that today wasn't such a great day.  Long story short, anxiety is and will never be my friend.  It's ok, I can deal with it as long as I take long walks (or RUNS) and do some type of other activity.  Anxiety attacks aren't great and I feel for e/one else who deals with them.  There, anxiety can go suck it.

I walked with my mom and my Little Bear passed out.  She had been feeling sick (still!) or something or another.  She was not a pleasant child to be around today!  Goodness, I hope she feels better.  She barely ate until my mother came and made me look like I never feed her.  Always.

Pictures from today's walk:

Staring at the clouds instead of looking at Garmin to not look crazy.

There's a lake facing our complex so there's always hungry ducks around.  For a while, there were a bunch of duckies quacking and begging for food, then they disappeared.  At the same time.  My mom and I thought someone had eaten them.  Who knows, there's crazy people everywhere.  Anyway, we found them today!

I guess they're smart and stay around where the food's at for free.

My mom counted 14 duckies and one faithful duck mom.  She was watching us and threatening to attack.  My mother and I are afraid of bigger-than-cats birds.  A goose attacked and chased my mother once, I just hate their little icky feet.  And eyes.  Their eyes can see through your soul.

No kidding.

We finished and came home to give the kids a bath and feed them dinner.  I felt like a mother duck.  Both fell asleep without a peep (lol) and I am now getting ready to go to sleep while batting Olivia the Kitten away from the laptop screen.  She doesn't get it.

Wore knee band.  No pain!

I have a date with the elliptical on Sunday, I am very excited to try out some real cardio again!

Another mile and no pain.

Had to deposit some money at the credit union before business hours so I woke up at the ungodly hour of 7:00 a.m.  Yes, there was no BodyPump for me at 5:00 a.m., and no, I don't regret it.  I am just not a morning person and will never be.  I got back home and instead of making all the noise I could while trying to be quiet, I left for a quick walk.

Enjoyed some sun while my phone died.

There were a lot of pictures to be taken, but my phone died and the camera was dead (and at home).  I never promised great pictures.  I had the knee band on and regretted not buying the one with a little more fabric, sweat on the pressure tube made it move around a little too much for my comfort.  I'm not totally ok with having some plastic tube press on a tendon.  It creeps me out.

Food was all over the place again, having no cardio doesn't motivate me to eat all the healthy stuff in the pantry and fridge.  We are also out of almond butter (main source of sweetness in diet) so when people bring over more enchiladas, I have one.

I had three cups of coffee today, one isn't pictured because it's just hard to stay awake when you stop sleeping regular hours.  I took a nap right after I finished my second cup.  It was a very nice and quiet nap.  Olivia, our kitten, woke me up with a nose kiss.

It seems I won't be going to bed early, the Gummy Bear is awake and playing with Olivia.  They're having a lot of fun but I need some rest or I may just snap and run away.  I'm trying overnight oats with chia seeds in the jar for breakfast tomorrow.  We shall see how much they're enjoyed, the husband will be the second judge.  I'm thinking about breakfast because it's 12:17 a.m. and it just seems we are not sleeping at all.

I'm meeting my mom at the gym tomorrow for BodyPump at a normal time, 11:00 a.m. is regular-people-time.  I miss running and running is the only reason why anyone should be awake before the sun.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Painless walk.

We take our bodies for granted.  I remember begging my husband to walk the dog when we lived on the third floor.  I used to be so lazy, I used to hate going up the stairs when we had groceries.  And now I'm complaining about not being able to walk.  Well done, life.  Well done.  I get the irony of it all.

But not today, I won't.  I don't get to complain, see here:

Today I celebrate freedom from pain!

I took a short walk with my mother today, it was unplanned and she was wearing the wrong shoes.  The weather was great, a little breeze, a little shade.  We walked around the apartment complex with the double stroller and both of my kids hated me for taking them away from the A/C.  They can suck it, they need to learn to be active adults.  They're under 3 years old, they've got a long way to go.

I wore my knee band during the walk to get used to the feeling of it, I don't know if it helped.  Maybe it's all the resting I've been doing but my knee didn't hurt when we got back.  It still doesn't hurt.  I iced it right after.  I also did a series of strengthening exercises for my knee, foam rolled and stretched.  I'm doing alright, right?

Right.  Tomorrow at 5:00 a.m., BodyPump.  I'll have to wake up at 4:30 to get there in time.  Goodness, I miss running so much.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Do Life Tour 2012 - Race Recap

Race: Do Life Tour 2012
Date: Saturday, June 30 @ 10:30 a.m.
Distance: 5K (2.89 mi by my count)
Time: 35:01
Average Pace: 12:09 min/mi

I'd always wanted to run there!

Man.  Oh, man.  I've really done it now, my knee is out of commission.  It's not even wanting to walk (the little f*cker!) or be shy like the other one and not bother me during the day.  Patellar Tendonitis, it seems, will be my middle name.  I'm icing it as I type, trying to not be too hard on myself for going ahead and doing this race.  I could've walked it!  I could have stopped and warmed-up, but NO.  I was too excited to run again.  *sigh*  As of today, this is the third time I try to write this recap and I've changed my mind, I SHOULD HAVE SKIPPED THE RACE.  Yes, or walked it.  Whatever, my knee is f-ed up.

Enough whining.  I skipped this race last year because I was pregnant and it was way too hot to even bother driving there.  I also didn't want to drive there by myself, I get lost going outside my apartment.  So, I picked up my newest running buddy and her kiddos, dropped them off at their dad's job and she and I continued to get get lost for another 20 minutes.  Downtown Houston is a PITA, I couldn't live or work there.


We got there and signed in after meeting Ben, dad and brother.  They're the first running celebrities I meet, I was nervous.  I kept it together, though.  Very proud!  They asked us to share how much weight we each had lost, I wrote 40.  That's both of my kids combined, crazy.

Cloudy with a chance of tornadoes!

I didn't think it would rain, but it started getting dark quickly.  End-of-the-world dark.  I shared my fear of tornadoes and realized it was a mistake.  You don't talk about the Boogeyman at dark, ok?  It rained as soon as I hit start on my Garmin and off we went.  I told my running buddy how hard core we were and we both smiled.  We were both thinking of lightning, though the trees covered the view.

I thought it was pretty cool that Ben ran with us for a while, it is really nice to connect to people you have just met through running.  There's nothing nicer to share than a good run.  I miss running and it's been only two days.  2!

I was taking it easy!

I thought the rain had messed with the satellites (sounds like something my mom would say) because my watch showed a 9:46 pace... That was our best pace, I forgot to switch to the other display.  D'uh.  We finished in 35 minutes and met up with the rest of the people, I bought a shirt like this one:

Go here to get your own!

I've been so bummed out about my knee I haven't even tried it on.  It's a tech shirt, small, with an awesome running gal on it.  I got it in black because I plan on wearing it around as a normal shirt.  It's hot in Houston!

Random leg picture.

I dropped off my friend and then headed home to ice my knee.  Since then, I have been icing four times a day for 20 minutes each time.  I have also learned to use a towel between ice/skin.  Frostbite's real, people.  I purchased a knee band at Academy today.  I wore it while picking up the mail because I was planning on power walking there.  I had both kids and it was about to rain (false alarm).  I'm not sure how helpful it will be, but at least the little walk didn't hurt me afterwards.

No news so far, just dull ache and no activity but strength training my butt and inner thighs.  Really fun stuff.  I am ready to start walking again, it's like I'm starting all over.  I'm not complaining, just commenting.  Ok... I'm whining.