Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Painless walk.

We take our bodies for granted.  I remember begging my husband to walk the dog when we lived on the third floor.  I used to be so lazy, I used to hate going up the stairs when we had groceries.  And now I'm complaining about not being able to walk.  Well done, life.  Well done.  I get the irony of it all.

But not today, I won't.  I don't get to complain, see here:

Today I celebrate freedom from pain!

I took a short walk with my mother today, it was unplanned and she was wearing the wrong shoes.  The weather was great, a little breeze, a little shade.  We walked around the apartment complex with the double stroller and both of my kids hated me for taking them away from the A/C.  They can suck it, they need to learn to be active adults.  They're under 3 years old, they've got a long way to go.

I wore my knee band during the walk to get used to the feeling of it, I don't know if it helped.  Maybe it's all the resting I've been doing but my knee didn't hurt when we got back.  It still doesn't hurt.  I iced it right after.  I also did a series of strengthening exercises for my knee, foam rolled and stretched.  I'm doing alright, right?

Right.  Tomorrow at 5:00 a.m., BodyPump.  I'll have to wake up at 4:30 to get there in time.  Goodness, I miss running so much.

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