Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Such a sad, sad day.

The reports came via text, and so did the warnings about ever participating in any more races. I doubt I'd ever make it to Boston, but I'm praying for all of those who did this year. My heart stopped when I read he first google results to "Boston and bomb". I just can't understand the lack of love one may have experienced to have the courage to do this anywhere, anytime. There are so many things a runner gives up in order to feel the wind on your face, your heart in your ears and God in your mind... You just never think you'll have to give up your life to experience a run.

I have no words to describe how tight my heart feels. The fear, the pain, sorrow and disbelief combined in my heart and mind. I don't know how anyone can live with he knowledge of causing so much pain.

I have prayed and wondered, but I remain ignorant. I kissed and hugged my loved ones extra tight tonight. I cried while reading the articles, I feel my heart is extra heavy today.

Pure disbelief.

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