Monday, April 22, 2013

It all ended with the fajitas.

Oh, and the margaritas.  The delicious Margaritas.  I had too many, to the point that I woke up with a headache.  That hasn't happened since college.  Eh, then yesterday, there were fajitas and cupcakes.  Actually, the cupcake was amazing but I ended up only having one since my daughter and son LOVED the icing.  The scale showed a 4 lb gain but hey, margaritas!!

I'll weigh in again b/c well, I have to.  LOL.  I'm going for a run tomorrow.  The whole half marathon schedule isn't working out so much... in that, I just haven't started it.  I'm going for an early run (for reals this time!!) so I can go to the doctor with my sister.  I'm driving and she's promised coffee.

I'm happy to spend time with her.

I rode 5 mi on the indoor bike and have another 15 minutes of cross training left for today.  I'll probably end up doing a 10 min weight session.  Ugh, weights...

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