Thursday, April 25, 2013

A run with a dog.

I finally took my dog out with me to run my Day 4, Week 1 easy run.  Just 30 minutes, it was... different.   She has never run with me but she's a great sprinter.  A mini pin, to be exact.  She was afraid of incoming cars, street sewers, other dogs, and moving objects.  She got over it once we hit the 10 minute mark and she realized we had no energy to be paying attention to pointless objects.  It was on!

At the very end, while I was stretching and she was tied to a branch, two dogs came at us.  They had collars and looked taken care of but either way, she protected us!  I had to pull her back and throw water at one of the dogs who wanted to play/smell us.  He ended up peeing on the tree she was tied to once we left.  I told her she was insane but she looked pretty pleased.  I was, too.  At least by the time we got home.  She's not afraid of EVERYTHING!  She's a brave little pup.

Here's a snippet of this week's and next's calendar:

Training is on!

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