Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trip to Academy

I returned the "sport hydro belt" and got $22+ credited to our account.  Awesome.  I also convinced my husband to take me to Academy, he's such an enabler!  I ended up getting ALL of this:

Pictured: Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift (2013)

I got a cap ($17), fanny pack ($20), sport lip balm ($2) and MACE ($12).  I needed the mace, it's a scary world out there and my husband won't let me pack The Knife.  The Knife is a danger to myself, it's not huge or difficult to handle but I almost dropped it on my foot the last time he was showing how to use it.  No thanks, hubby.  I like my toes.  This MACE is made especially for joggers, but more on that on another post.

The fanny pack is HUGE and has different compartments, I'll have to take pictures of all the crap I can pack in there.  BUT, I'm not getting my hopes up.  I have to wait till my next run to test it out.  It'll hopefully be better than the returned item.  Though it doesn't have a water bottle, the width of the belt, size of the pocket, and reflective markings make up for it so far.

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