Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Balance: Sport Hydro Belt - Review Part I

I bought the New Balance Sport Hydro Belt today while shopping at Target. I had been looking for a new... pocket while running. My jogging capris don't have pockets and the only place to put my phone in is a Micropack Satellite(TM) by amphipod, looks like this:

You can find it here online.
I don't recommend it unless you'll use it while walking.  As soon as you speed up a little, it starts to bounce.  It's the perfect size, it won't come off, but it'll annoy you to no end.  I dislike.

I've given it a lot of chances, but the only way it works is by making its pockets face your body.  Basically, clipping it on the wrong way.  It rubbed on my skin, duh.  Didn't work.

Sorry, Micropack Satellite, you suck. 

I spent $22 on the new (let's call it what it is) fanny pack. It's for running, so I don't think I'll be less cool. My street cred holds, thankyouverymuch. 

I don't think I've ever purchased anything from NB but it's great that they sell their stuff at Target. I don't like to always order online, it was nice that I could try it on in the aisle and bounce up and down. I did, a couple of times--to test it out.  A lady looked at me and turned away.  I don't care, I had to see if it'd be annoying to run with it.  No bounce, but we'll see tomorrow after my run.

I'm picky and crazy, I like red.  E/thing in my house is red except for the kids.  I like that the top and zipper are somewhat red.  Just saying.

Just in case I couldn't figure it out, the back has a list of all the cool things this fanny pack can do.  The water bottle isn't anything fancy, but I can fit in my Nathan one.  

The bottle is smaller by 2 oz, but that's ok b/c I plan on carrying an extra one and leaving it in the car.

There are a couple of cool things I wanted to point out, but what are words compared to pictures.

It's nice that it has "belt retainers" so the straps don't whip you as you run.

The cap drips if you turn it upside-down, eh.

Replaced it with my Nathan one.  Much better!

It fits my camera, phone and keys with room. 

I like switching songs e/4 seconds, won't use this.

I will take it on my run tomorrow morning, I hope it doesn't bounce!  It has a lot of potential.

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