Saturday, June 23, 2012

Don't trip!

I went to Zumba today, my mother was there dancing like she does e/thing, with all her heart. She has rhythm that I, sadly, did not inherit. I do my best, I have a lot of fun and I burn off some calories. Today's instructor is a great Samba dancer, she's amazing. I wish my body could move like hers!

I thought I was working out harder at the end...

I burned around 289 calories and got the kinks out of my shoulders and arms. My right knee is a little creaky, I'm not sure how or when I hurt it yesterday. Maybe it's been the extra yoga I've been trying, maybe I stretched it out too much. I did the Oceanside Restorative Yoga with Melissa McLeod | and it was what I needed. I had to turn off the dryer b/c it felt super loud once I got relaxed.

It was lovely, I will do it at least a few times a week. It is way better than a Margarita :] (ok, a little better).

Free, early and full of fun, what could be better??

I have to wake up early tomorrow, it'll be a fun day. My husband's off, I have a (FREE) 5K race in the morning, and I'm visiting my friend with my sister. I hope my knee gets better.

These 5K races are great, there's food at the end, a bunch of people (a crowd) and they announced that there'd be a couple of surprises this time around. I'm a sucker for surprises. Yes, I'll be there, extra early!

Knee, get your act together. We have to power run tomorrow.

My mother is coming over later on and we might go for another walk. We walk by the lake in the complex, there are a bunch of ducks and their duckies waddling around. They wag their tails when you pass by, they're spoiled ducks. You could feed a dozen with one! LOL.

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