Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just a walk.

What a long day, wasn't it? I woke up later than usual (catching up on sleep) and got cleaning. Well, I fed the bears and then cleaned and cleaned. Sad thing is, the apartment now looks as messy as when I started! Those kids, always finding something to flip over.

Anyway, food and exercise. I took a walk with my mom at 8:00 p.m. because it was finally cool enough to walk outside.  It was short but made a huge difference in my mood.  I'm planning to take another walk with the kids as soon as we get up.  It'll be not so hot, I hope.

First walk since Sunday?  Glad to get out!

There was a freak storm (rained twice, wind was crazy) early in the day and then it went back to oven-hot. I took a picture because I'm trying to add some adventure into my life:

From inside my apartment.  I'm adventurous, not crazy.

Food was alright, getting tired of the same thing but I'm not going grocery shopping tomorrow. I have a date with my weight lifting instructor for BodyPump at 11 a.m. I haven't been there since... last Wednesday? I'm not sure, being inside so much is driving me insane.

Breakfast: coffee, egg sandwich w/avocado and a small apple.

While looking at houses to lease, half an almond butter sandwich.

Chicken strip salad with peanuts, avocado, grapes and queso fresco.
Some baby carrots for crunch.  I'm loving avocado right now.
That's the Gummy Bear jumping in the picture.

Coffee and oatmeal cookies before the hubby goes off to make money.

Leftovers, pasta with veggies and toast.
Greek yogurt, just because.

Mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, almonds and Cheerios.

I need a bigger second meal.  I was still hungry.
Almond butter, best-jelly-in-the-world on toast.

After the walk.  Chicken sandwich, Greek yogurt,
pecans, lettuce, avocado, salsa... and cold water.

I'm sleepy and I should take it as a hint that I need to go rest.  It stinks to have to go to sleep right after the silence takes over the apartment.  Both kids had a hard time going to sleep tonight, one's teething and the other one's too happy to go nite-nite.  That's my conclusion, anyway.

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