Saturday, June 30, 2012


I've been doing these two videos on my week off running to strengthen my chicken arms.  Wings.  Whatever.  I've always had thin wrists but my biceps/triceps are regular sized, it makes me look funny.  They're only 10 minutes each and the instructors give really good secrets about each workout.  I like that you can use lighter weights and switch.

And this one:

I followed it by Sparkpeople's 15-min ab workout that I did the other day.  My arms feel wobbly, I'm glad I'm about to go to sleep.

Food today:

Skull coffee cup!
The day started with almond butter/honey toast, an open-faced chicken sandwich with lettuce, avocado and fat free Greek yogurt.  Oh, and coffee.  You can't forget the coffee.

Recipe from YOU: On a Diet

I hadn't had any lentil soup in a while.  I used to cook a soup a week and have it between breakfast and lunch.  It helped me lose weight and saved me on having to look around the kitchen for something to eat.  With two kids, I need all the free time I can get.  Each cup is supposed to be under 100 calories, it was tasty.

We used up the last carrots and GBP in the soup.  Time to
go grocery shopping!
Subway with avocado (from home) and fat free Greek yogurt.  I do like Greek yogurt, why do you ask?

Oatmeal cookies and almond/honey toast.
Oh, and more coffee.

Big salad while visiting with my sister.

Tried new bread recipe, topped with honey.

After workout, MILK.

I need to buy more peanuts, I don't really like almond butter when there's peanut butter around.  It'll do.  We are slowly running out of things in the pantry and fridge.  It's time to go grocery shopping but there are SO MANY people at the store during the weekend.  I'll have to wake up crazy early.

I'm picking up my running buddy tomorrow to do the Do Life Tour 2012!  It's a free 5K and I get to RUN.  I mean, I'll jog.  But inside, I'll be running my butt off.  I don't know if my knee will act up, it could've all been in my imagination.  I hope so!

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