Friday, June 15, 2012

New gear! Garmin Foot Pod

Well, after $45 and a week of waiting, I received my new Garmin Foot Pod. It's tiny, the size of the nike+ receiver and the best part, you don't have to shell out another $25 when its battery runs out. You can replace it yourself! I don't know what type of battery it uses yet, the one that came in the package works fine so far, but this is the first time I use it. It also comes with a little carrier that you attach to your shoe laces, but I've read that you can put it inside the hollowed out sole of the nike+ shoes. Those shoes are pricey, I like my Asics, thankyouverymuch.

Here are some shots, sloppily edited for your viewing pleasure:

Nike+ sensor & Garmin's, really tiny!

Foot pod holder, foot pot and nike+ sensor showing their back sides

I worry the pod will come off?

Side by side, my Nathan nike+ holder and Garmin's

Some forums have mentioned that the battery dies a lot faster than the promised 400 (running) hours on the package b/c the sensor turns on once you start moving automatically.  I guess it's better than having to manually turn it on and off, but I'm not sure if I'll keep it on my shoe at all times.  I like the velcro holder better, it seems like it'd protect it from rain though that may just be my crazy self talking.  It's really light and I'm not picky about how many things are attached to myself--although the number is growing and it's bothering me a little.

So, the first use?  Pairing it was no problem, I didn't follow the directions (you have to walk away and let them meet slowly or somethinglikethat) and just walked outside, turned on the watch, waited for the satellite signal and then went to settings>general>accessories>foot pod.  You have the option to choose the distance to run so it can calibrate to your pace... I chose 0.25 mi b/c I ran too much yesterday.  I'm not sure how often I'll have to calibrate it.  I ran pretty fast b/c I was trying to catch up to my mother and kids.

I have a run planned on the treadmill (yaaaay) before Zumba, I will post results!

I feel better keeping the sensor in the Nathan pouch, the velcro holds well and since I only have one pair of shoes, I'll have to remember to take it off during Zumba or another class.  It'll be fun learning to up my cadence to go faster.  I haven't read enough about it, but it seems that's one of the two ways to properly gain speed (the other is to lengthen stride), though there are a lot of arguments on the topic.  It's tiring reading through them!  Makes me want to go for a run.

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