Friday, June 15, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, it was an evening to remember.

Long story short, I completed my first 8 miles ever.  EVER, you hear?  This is the longest distance I have ever run in one trip.  I ran out of places to run on, the sidewalks would end and I'd have to cross streets (which I hate like I hate Smallville) to get to other safer running surfaces.  I ran out of water on mile 7, it wasn't too hot but I was ready to get home.  The front of my soles hurt, but I didn't die.  I came home and posted on my weight loss blog.

I started a little too fast but I'd only been running 2 mi e/time I'd go to the gym before class, I was itching to get a long run done.  And I was outside!  It was hot and breezy and sweaty and amazing.  I don't know how I used to stay inside the apartment for so long before.  Never again.  I added Gatorade to my water (just 1/3c) and I really think it helped, I wasn't super thirsty or ready to die.  It was a little sweet, but I'll take it.

The stats:


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