Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day Three: The End is Near

So, today marks day three of bed rest. I wish. There's a race on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. that I've been waiting for since I missed it last year (pregnant and hot days don't mix) so I'm bummed that I won't be able to run. The good thing is that the whole point of the running tour is to celebrate life and living it in any healthy way possible. At least that's what I got from it so I'm going to walk and jog a little if my knee doesn't mind. We shall see!

Today's meals, I tried to add more veggies (notice the spinach underneath egg). I also made sure to have two servings of fruit, can't miss the fruit!

Morning started with eggs, salsa, and ff Greek yogurt.
Coffee, so the world could still spin.

Protein shake that only kept me full for an hour.

Subway and baby carrots, with bread NOT extra crispy.  *sigh*
The husband didn't hear my pleas.

Added a small Gala apple because I was craving something sweet.

Something sweet and coffee.
Homemade almond butter on homemade bread.

Some veggies and pasta, paired with bread and butter.
My hubby and daughter stole ate one of my slices.

Went to the $1-store and craved some PB and chocolate cups.
Came home and had chocolate milk with almond butter toast
topped with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Way better.

Picture at grocery store.  PB and Oreo's... Chocolate-filled Oreo's!

My awesome salad in my awesome new bowl.
Peanuts, Greek yogurt, baby carrots, chicken breast,
mixed greens, grapes, black pepper and anything else that fit.

One oatmeal cookie because I'd been craving the ones my hubby ate from Subway.

Besides visiting stores and leaving the kids with the husband, I got my hair cut and (FINALLY) my eyebrows waxed. I was sporting a uni-brow, not very lady-like. My new running buddy that I have yet to run with, texted me about the half-marathon coming up next year in January. The organizers sent out an e-mail with a special price available only tomorrow. $55 for a medal and a sweatshirt (I think)? YESSS.

I told her we should form a team, running is better the more people involved. I'm really excited, I was training for a half marathon just because I had always wanted to while pregnant, but I got sidetracked with classes at the gym so maybe it's a good idea to do it now. The way the schedule meant me to do it and not the way I did it. I got injured that way, that way is no good.

Anyway, I finished the day with this video because I am not taking off the week to just eat while my knee buckles down:

It was only 15 minutes long and I did 98% of all the sets! I'm excited, that's huge. I guess all the running, yoga, Zumba and e/thing else really paid off. Tomorrow's arms/chest, then abs on Friday and hopefully, a 5K on Saturday. I'll be praying to the running gods and Saint Sebastian (Patron of Athletes). I'd post a picture of Saint Sebastian but they're pretty gory...

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