Friday, July 19, 2013

WHY am I awake??

What a stupid question, but I kept asking myself when I woke up at 6 a.m. today to go for a run.  The other day, here in beautiful Houston, it was 100% humidity by 7:15 and that run was hell.  I want to enjoy my runs, not dehydrate into a raisin.  I woke up and only stayed awake b/c I changed the setting to my Wake N' Shake alarm to the second level.  I had to get up and hide in the bathroom b/c I couldn't shake it enough to stop it.  I was awake.

It took me 15 minutes to leave the house, which is a bad record since I'm usually out in 10 and at the park by 15.  Anyway, then my heart rate strap stopped working and I didn't know if I'd died or if its battery had died.  I'd just changed it the other day!  I guess I used an old battery, why I keep old/used up batteries is beyond me.  Ask the hoarder in me.

I kept running b/c dammit, I was awake and I'd be damned if I went back home after all that shaking.  It was my first "long" run in the training plan, only 35 minutes but still.  It was running.  I started jogging and I knew I was feeling too great but well, I ended up covering around the same distance I usually do.  The pace was 12:44 min/mi.  Not too bad!  I'm kidding, it's awful but it's my fault for not being disciplined enough.  Ugh, shut up.

Here's the snapshot:

256C?  I mean, it felt like I burned 1,000.

I got attacked by a bug and I frrrreaked the f-out.  I hate nature sometimes, but I'll be back!

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