Sunday, July 21, 2013

Speed work!

Today was intervals day, YAY!  I see now why people dislike speed work.  I thought it'd be fun, running all out and being like, "YEAH, people.  I RUUUUNNNN."  Nope, it was more like, "DEAR GOD, please forgive me for thinking I could run at all.  Ever."

It rained and normally, that'd been awesome, but my iphone was out of its $90 waterproof cover that we purchased for our phones so I had to run back to my car like the angry hipster I've become.  *sigh*  It didn't get wet but it didn't help the overall feeling of disappointment from today's run.  I woke up and only got out of bed b/c of the Wake N' Shake alarm.  Thank goodness for that app! (hipster, me).

I managed to do 2/5 intervals but didn't manage to get my heart rate to the level it called for.  I have recalculated my HR zones (again!) and realized I may have thought I was a bigger badass than I really am.  They're changed and I've also changed the schedule so that the training plan ends on the day it's supposed to, race day.  It just makes sense.

It's important to pay attention to signs of overtraining, injuries are mood killers.  I think I may have been close to one or something b/c I felt like shit these past few days.  Let's see how this goes!

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