Monday, July 29, 2013

Indoor Cycling

5 miles left!!

I just LOVE seeing that I cover that many miles in 25 minutes... I know, it's probably half of that but it still helps the spirit.  Today was W3D6 of half marathon training and it called for 40 minutes of cross training.  I did 25 on the bike and now on to more yoga.  Tomorrow's Pilates, which I'll probably switch out for weight training and more yoga.  I really need the yoga thing.  Runs are getting longer and yoga just calls me down.  Yoga.  I love that word.

Still no ideas for the tattoo design I'm afraid of getting but will get because I will no longer be afraid.  I know it'll be recognized once I see it, so no biggie.  I'll just keep on Pinteresting!  It's for a good cause.

Anxiety is rising, a new home and only one income is hard on the wallet.  I talked to my sister and she's agreed to watch my kiddos if and when I find a job.  The last time I tried this, with my husband being the morning babysitter, it nearly broke me down.  I missed a lot of moments and first-times when it came to my son.  But they're almost 4 and 2 respectively, I think it may be time.  I am counting on God and the Universe to take my pleas and lead me the right way.  We shall see!

I have a new outlook in life, I feel empowered and relieved.  I was even considering having a third baby b/c I just think it's the right thing to do... weird, I know.  But, I took care of my little nephew and it was just a little too much if I had to handle three kids by myself.  I want to be a patient and loving mom, but sometimes it's hard to stretch myself so thin.  I know things will happen when they'll happen, so I'll just leave it to God.

Kids are cute, but in numbers they're tiring as hell.

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