Thursday, July 4, 2013

Running with a Psycho

Well, the relaxing 4th of July run I had planned went to hell when my dog started growling and barking at the other runners.  Awesome.  That's how you make friends, by bringing your angry dog!  I think it's funny that I found out how scary my dog can be to strangers.  She's like 2 ft tall, 20+ lbs.  Come on, now.

Anyway, I did manage to catch up on some half marathon talk and gave my card to one of the lovely ladies so we could run together.  I say that's a win!  I want to meet new people that like the things I do and doesn't question me for waking me up so early to run.  It's my goal.

Also..  I signed up for my first official marathon!!  I mean, HALF marathon.  I'm not ready to do a full one, yet.  It'll be in at the end of October when my training plan ends.  I have 5 days between the end of the plan and the actual race, I'm glad there's some wiggle room.  I also got $15 off by signing up early, so that's a win!  I'll get a finisher's medal and a tech shirt.  Plus, bragging rights.  I'm very excited!!

The goal for today's run was to stay in zone 2 (HR: 115-135) for 30 minutes.  It was an ok attempt.  MJ kept pulling on her leash since we usually run faster but it was annoying and I had to keep slowing down and up.  ALSO, we walked through half a block of sprinklers.  COLD water in your face and white t-shirt?  Yes, please.

The average HR came out to 130 but here, picture:

Moms RUN This Town, Run.

We took a picture at the beginning and I just hope my hair didn't ruin it.  It's in between stages right now and it looks cra-cra.  I'm happy I got up on time, I hate missing out on runs.  Tomorrow's bike/strength training.  I also hope to get a short walk in the morning with the dogs.  They need it, both are running around like crazy chickens.

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