Tuesday, July 30, 2013

First Month DONE!

I have apparently been training for my half marathon for a month now.  It's more like a month and a half since I restarted my schedule a week or so after I first started it.  ANYWAY, it's going well.  I'm two miles shy of my 50 mi July Goal for US Road Cycling.  I don't know why I thought I had 5 miles left, which I completed today, but I had 7, not 5.  Math.

I ate cake and all the Coke I could drink.  I think I had 4 cans today.  I was feeling so anxious so, of course, let's add caffeine to the mix!  That's a great idea!!  Buzz, buzz.  I'm all wonked out.  Agh, I need to meditate or hit myself with a mallet on the head and pass out.  Let's meditate, that won't hurt.

I also did 10 mins of strength training for the arms/shoulders.  I'm out of shape.  I couldn't complete half of the workouts.  Shame!  I was doing so well.

My kids are amazing to me, they got to swim in the pool and they weren't freaking out or throwing temper tantrums.  I was happy they got to swim because we got home, cleaned them up, changed, and went right to bed.  I threw my dirty running clothes in the washer and am ready for my easy run tomorrow.  Just 35 mins, I'm taking the dogs.  I feel bad that they've been in their crate while I try to regain my home from the dirt monster.  I cleaned and CLEANED today.

I'm pooped, all this "bad" food is upsetting my stomach and draining my energy.  I've been so sleepy, I should call it a night and go to sleep.  I should.

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