Saturday, August 11, 2012

Too. Much. Food.

Which usually equals the amount of anxiety control at the moment... I have been feeling like I'm submerged in water and the more I swim to get to the surface, the more I sink.  Not to be dramatic, but there's no other feeling that comes close.  It's an ordered and structured swim but at times gets shaky and desperate.  This happens when the kids are ready to hit the sack and have their last bouts of energy.

Running seemed to lessen the force of anxiety by giving me a routine.  There were schedules to follow and yes, e/thing seemed to revolve about running but that was a good thing.  Running isn't a human being that will be hurt if I don't pay enough attention, but it will give me endless gifts if I focus on it.  I could place blame on it and not feel guilty.  It was a perfect relationship.

No fear, tomorrow marks my first honest attempt at getting back to running without knee pain.  I have not foam rolled today and just realized it's hips/butt/inner thighs days but the night is not over.  My shoulders, core and arms are sore because there has been a lot of new use added to them since foam rolling hurts like a bitch unless you carry your weight off the muscle knot.  You have to ease into it, you really, really, really have to ease into it.

I'm meeting up with one of the running groups I belong to online.  It's an early 7 a.m. run that's around 20 minutes away from home but it'll be 4 other ladies and hopefully fun.  I'm doing Stage 1 from

Baby steps!

There are 18 stages and one final 20 minute run.  A 20 minute run!  I am hoping there is no pain tomorrow, I am planning on thoroughly warming up and stretching before my first run.  It's a new running life!!!

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