Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weeks 1-2 in review

I still can't believe I can blog about running again.  It is amazing what a wonderful type of therapy running has become for me, there's nothing compared to it and I can't imagine how I survived those 4 months without being able to run more than a mile without pain.  It's cra-cra.

I am happy to say that I've kept up with all the stretching and strengthening that I used to avoid pre-injury.  It is no wonder I got myself injured, I was... let's just say "naive," to think that I could JUST RUN.  No, sorry, Nike Ads.  You can't just get out there and run nonstop.  There are walls you have to respect and climb them, not just bust your head on them!  Seriously, it's encouraging and motivating to keep those posters around but they LIE.  They lie, yes.

Anywho, so far:

Miles walked: 5.5 mi
Miles ran: 16.19 mi
Strengthening: 40 mins.
Stretching: 1 hour 51 mins.
Foam rolling: --

I don't know how much time I actually spend foam rolling, the pain takes my breath away and apparently, my ability to keep track of it.  I do know I have been foam rolling at least once every day.  I skipped some at the beginning but, with the addition of more miles, it's becoming harder to leave alone.  I want to add cycling (at home, is there a better name?) but I haven't been able to purchase the new (comfortable) seat.  It's Christmas shopping time right now, I'm not venturing in any store any time soon.

Also, I have a race coming up!!  Well, two.  A free 5K and a for realz one on December 1st.  It's a 10K and I don't think cycling may help my legs during the next two weeks.  I don't plan on setting any new personal records but who knows, I may end up with really sore legs if I'm not careful.

The virtual half-marathon at the end of January is pretty exciting.  Yes, it'll be by myself, but it's a pretty cool medal.  I'll have three by then!  Just three, but that's a whole lot.  I may even have to buy/make/get a medal rack.  Now, that's cra-cra!

5 mi planned for tomorrow and that'll end my second week of training.  My mom will watch my kid at the park while I go around and around.  It'll be nice running without the jogging stroller.  Those kids are heavy.

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