Monday, May 28, 2012

Run for Wellness 5K Series (May) Race Recap!

Man, am I awesome or what? Amiright? I beat my old time! Is this a PR? :) 

I had posted this on my weight loss blog, and I'm too lazy to try and rewrite what I meant at that moment. Please read for future proof that I'm crazy, you're welcome.

When I was 11, I was given the choice to stay in the US or go back to Mexico to wait for my mother to finish earning the money needed to pay for my sis' college.  An 11 year old, what did I know?  My biggest concern was school, how was I supposed to pass History class when all I knew was Mexico's?  LMAO.  I can't believe THAT was my biggest concern.  Cut to the first day of school, I realized I didn't speak the language.  Ooops.  

I thought I'd always get "D"s and that I would never be able to communicate or make friends.  I changed SO much.  I went from being social to being awkward and not wanting to speak b/c I had an accent.  Cut (come on, keep up!) to Texas History Class in middle school.  I got back my test and I'd gotten an 88.  That was close to an "A"!  In that moment, I knew I could do it.  I had done it already, I was just a few more tries away.  

Next semester, I tested out of my ESL classes.  By the next grade, I was in all advanced placement classes and getting the lovely "A"s I was so used to.  I went on to graduate with honors and blah blah blah.  I'm not a genius, I just worked my ASS off day after day.  I gave it all I had.  I said no to weekend parties or bar hopping on Tuesday nights.  I had to turn away from tempting friendships.

Today, the same "I did it" thought slapped me on my face.  I did it, I beat my 30:00 5K goal.  I knew I could, I had done it before.  But, life got in the way.  I'm the 11 year old again when it comes to weight/lifestyle.  I'm making a HUGE decision, I can either take a scary/time consuming/life altering challenge and keep working hard to stay healthy or I can give up and go back to my old safe/comfortable unhealthy life.  You can bet your cola I'm not taking the easy road.  (BTW, quick Spanish lesson.  "Cola" means butt, so, you can call your spouse a "cola" when s/he's being an ass.)

I realized that weight training will be a must.  Especialmente the core workouts.  I can't go any faster only relying on my legs, the whole body needs to be trained.  I want to place or give the winners a good run.  I could honestly one day place.  It will just take a lot of work.  Day after day.  Relentlessness work, but what is life without a little craziness?

I forgot to STOP my workout right after I crossed the finish line b/c the lady jumped me and took my bib's bottom.  She could've waited a little, she came out of f-ing nowhere!  I was about to punch her, she scared me.

Anyway, point is, I'm going to start weight lifting.  I know, long story short point.  Seriously, this is the "next step."  I'm hitting on an Eureka! moment right now, it's been a crazy week.

START line, it's the simplest races that are the best.

Oh, yeah, my time!  I made it in 29:18, though the race doesn't chip time.  So it was more like 29:26 for them?  I used my Garmin but like I said, the stupid lady distracted me and I didn't press STOP as soon as I crossed the line.  Whatever, new PR!

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