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Chupacabra de Houston 10K - Race Recap

The bridge right at the start and right before getting to safety
at the end of race :]

Race: Chupacabra de Houston 10 K
Date: May 12, 2012 @ 8:30 p.m.
Distance: 10K
Time: 1:13:28.5
Average Pace: 11:49
Overall Place: 214
Course Map:

Check out the two cemeteries!  I didn't find out about these until today...

This was my first trail race ever.  It was also the first one done at night, in the middle of nowhere, wearing a head light and the wrong shoes.  I am very lucky I didn't twist anything or get eaten by some random wildlife.  I was so happy when I started, then I hit some mud and then I almost hit a trunk that came out of nowhere.  I finished faster than I thought I would and beat my old 10K time (1:20something).  I was scared, it fueled me like nothing else.

From my weight loss blog:

"Mud!" "Hole!" "Branch!"  

Seriously, that's all I could hear on the run. It was muddy around 20% of the trail and I mean that you could've-lost-a-shoe muddy. It was CRAZY! It was like... I must imagine this is why we all still run today, there is something so primal about it. Just following a pack. It didn't rain (YAY) but trail running, I learned, is for hardcore people only. No wimps allowed.

People were so awesome, e/one kept an eye out for people who either fell or tripped. I felt safe, until I got ahead of the slowish group and behind the faster group. It sucked, I had to choose which group I wanted to race with (not enough light to light up the path by myself) and well, I chose the faster group. I paced and kept my eyes on the path as much as possible but come on, you have to take a look and wonder what's hiding in the complete darkness on both sides of the path. Nothing good!

I finished in 1:13:03, I was so happy I finished. I passed a couple of people right at the end. I was just so happy it was over! My shoes are not made to run on trails over roots and around pot holes. They are super muddy and my right ankle is cranky. I had around 15 chances to twist it but was being looked over by the running gods. Woot.

I have my splits, b/c I finally got it right on my Garmin. I created a workout with no target, just with 6 laps (1 mi each). It was easy and saved me having to press LAP when I passed a marker. Although it would've been nice to hit LAP after each sign. The race was great. My friends and I agreed we'd do it together next year. We each went our way, I'm glad. It was our own experience, I just kept thinking, "THIS IS SO F-ING AWE-SOME!!!! I have to do this e/night!" Then mile 3 came around and I thought I was crazy. 3 miles of mud shut me up.

Anyway, laps and then shower. We just got home, we're pooped and muddy. We're like Amazonian women, ready to kick some ass! My other 10K time was around 1:29:something. I beat that!

Here are my splits, it was the first race using my Garmin watch.  It was the awesomest race ever, I'll be there next year!  No pictures b/c I had no where to keep my camera :(

There were SO many people on the first mile

Here are the restrooms/showers.  There were killer moths in there.

Yeaaaahhh, this is when we realized we were completely unprepared for trail running.

We didn't spots any snakes, *whew*  And yes, I'm signing up for next year's as soon as it is posted on their Facebook page!

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